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    Season Surf is a British clothing brand based in Newquay, Cornwall that brings you style and function, inspired by the varied environments and outdoor elements for the adventure lifestyle we live. British surf clothing should be made for embracing the searching of waves in all weather conditions, in all the seasons of the year.

    The Adventure doesn’t stop in this ever changing and weathered area of the world, from warm and still, to windy, wet and crisp in a matter of months. We continue to trek across muddy pastures to get to that isolated secret spot where we can enjoy un touched, un discovered waves, where the reward comes from the effort put in.

    Our vision is that we equip surfers with the right gear for the right time. ‘Be Prepared’ is one of our mottos and one we use within our designs, so we need to be equipped for all the seasons and situations that our journey to ocean calling takes us.

    We seek to branch out into all areas of surf adventure, providing you with the very things you need for remote beach walks to great wave riding, wild camping and fire making. Watch this space for the extension of the Season Surf range.